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APPEK Mobile Apps specializes in iOS app development in Los Angeles and has created a portfolio of renowned apps from French Girls to the Special Guest App. The APPEK team puts every ounce of effort into making sure your app suits your brand’s vision and is of superior quality. The APPEK team thoroughly checks even the smallest details and makes sure every last pixel is where it needs to be before presenting you with a product. We are dedicated to developing only the best apps for our customers, and that mentality truly shows in our work. APPEK Apps has been featured in numerous media outlets for our work from E! Entertainment Television to Forbes Magazine.

Our most recent project, the Special Guest App, was created by our CEO Kristopher Jones in partnership with renowned comedian Damon Wayans Jr. The Special Guest App was designed to get talent booked and help people discover new talent. Creator Damon Wayans Jr. noticed during much of his touring that talented comedians across the country we’re not getting booked. Sadly, he noticed, many of them had to turn away from comedy and their dreams to make a living. If only there was a way to get talent booked and paid so that they could continue to provide us with the fruits of their talent? This is where the Special Guest App came from.

By eliminating the need for talent booking agents, the Special Guest App opens up a level and competitive playing field for talent seeking to reach new audience members. The idea was so well liked that it secured over $1.5 million in funding from Apple TV’s Planet of the Apps with seed funding and mentorship from himself. At Appek Apps, our goal was to develop a functional two-way platform with chat-enabled features that would provide booking and payment services directly on the app. The app is available for everyone from magicians to musicians and perfect for talent looking to get their start in Hollywood and the City of Angels.

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