IFart is the World’s Most Downloaded Fart App


George Clooney. Jimmy Kimmel. Jon Stewart.  Bill Maher.  Kathie Lee Gifford. Lance Armstrong. David Duchovny. Big Bang Theory. Should we go on?

This is just a small list of the world’s most renowned celebrities that have publicly stated they use iFart – the world’s most downloaded Fart App. The app has over 3 million downloads, and is currently in its second edition – “iFart – Second Wind,” which was redesigned and developed by APPEK.

The Challenge


After the fart app got outdated and practically unusable due to iOS changes and updates, the the famous owner of iFart Joel Comm approached APPEK’s CEO Kris Jones with a challenge. Despite an initial burst in tens of 1000s of daily downloads that equated to millions of installs, iFart needed a cleanse, and – of course – to be brought up to current iOS standards. Additionally, iFart need a strategy that incorporated the latest in-app monetization trends and best practices.

The Solution


APPEK embarked on what it calls “iFart – Second Wind,” which included a complete overhaul to the user interface and design of the app. All design elements were modernized, including a new high-energy logo. Several new features were developed, including in-app purchasing, easy-to-use tools to recruit new users and share content, and enhancements to user interface design to drive greater in-app engagement.

The Results


Through APPEK’s revision, iFart has been revived, literally receiving its second wind! Within the first week of release the app generated more revenue than it did in total the previous two years. Installs grew more than 50 percent from 1,000 to 1,500 downloads per day. The app continues to be the #1 ranked fart app in the App Store. But there’s more – APPEK is in the process of releasing further enhancements to IOS and is working on much anticipated iFart for Android app.