Epic romantic disaster. That’s what James Cameron’s blockbuster movie “Titanic” is categorized as within movie-industry speak. Besides garnering such a unique category distinction, the “Titanic” is also where a few maniacal app designers lifted the name for their portrait app French Girls. But French Girls is far from an epic romantic disaster, though some artist’s renditions may reflect that title. During the movie, Rose asks Jack Dawson to “Draw me like one of your French girls.” This is where the name French Girls derives from, but the task of building such an app didn’t come from pop culture. Instead, it took many late nights from a team of APPEK developers to get things rolling. French Girls is one of APPEK’s most popular apps – and having over 2 million downloads on the App Store proves this.

The original concept of the app allowed users to submit selfies and get them drawn randomly by people around the globe. As the app matured it has become a marketplace for commissioned artwork inspired by selfies. French Girls App makes it easy for buyers and sellers to transform photographs into digital artwork that can be shipped door-to-door as a variety of physical print products. The platform is growing gangbusters and helping artists from around the world monetize and in so doing defying the traditional notion that art should be a “hobby at best” and not a career or legitimate form of income.


First, the idea – how fun would it be to allow anyone in the world to submit a selfie and have it drawn randomly by anyone. The app didn’t initially have commercial intent, and initial reviews of the French Girls app were mixed. Soon it became increasingly difficult to manage and monitor quality of content. Features were added on the back and front end to manage content quality and auto-ban unscrupulous users. As the balance of high quality versus low quality art work improved the app was eventually frequented daily by a large group of highly talented artists that hungered for a social setting to display their works and network with other artists. To be clear, more still needed to be done, and this is where APPEK stepped up its game.


When FG first launched it was an anonymous app – this contributed the the quality of the content. APPEK engineered better quality content by requiring users to sign-up for accounts – this minimized cyber bulling and negativity and maximized the quality of work. After tackling the initial glaring issues, APPEK added some social features (liking, commenting, social sharing) to dramatically increase engagement and time spent within app. With the social aspect in play, the artist community continued to grow and French Girls started to get mentioned in national media.

The first was during a feature on E! Entertainment Television where actress Brook Burke showed a drawing she got back from submitting her selfie.The hosts of E! News talked about French Girls as a brilliant way for artists around the world to test and display some talent. As the app grew in popularity, APPEK provided A/B testing solutions to improve active usage of app and to drive performance for purposes of raising capital. French Girls was able to initially secure $350,000 from NFL Player Larry English, Singer / Actress Christina Milian, and several other private investors.


Once APPEK helped French Girls surpass 1.5 million installs in late 2014, the the app’s founders decided it was time to monetize. APPEK built features to allow any user of the app to be commissioned by another user. This required integration with multiple third party providers, including payment giant Stripe and the global leader in printing and shipping canvas prints.

Modules were built to allow French Girls to effectively manage e-commerce functions, including taking payments from buyers and paying artists for their work. APPEK built a solution that paid artists within 48 hours of completion of work. This has led to a dramatic increase in artists on the platform. French Girls App has become the world’s largest platform in the world to help artists connect with buyers and monetize their works.

As the e-commerce portion of the app gained significant traction APPEK continued to enhance features and maximize user experience for all involved.To date, French Girls App has generated millions upon millions installs and has helped artists around the world make money through the app. The App has been featured in the global news (print, online, TV, radio), including CNN, MTV, Headline News, Reddit, E! Entertainment TV, Comedy Central, Huffington Post, Mashable, Fast Company, Forbes, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Fox Business, TheChive, Daily Dot, Product Hunt, Optimizely, and more! The company has raised an undisclosed amount of capital.


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