“When Love and Skill Work Together, Expect a Masterpiece.” – John Ruskin

We strive to build extraordinary apps. Thumb below for a few examples.

Passion + Skill + Experience = Success


We think designing and developing mobile apps is one of the coolest professions in the world. We are modern day astronauts! Our clients love us and rate us near perfect (4.9 out of 5) on Clutch.co. Millions of users have downloaded our apps and they leave us positive reviews. Our apps get covered in the National press and end up on reddit and Buzzfeed.


What happens when you marry selfies and art? French Girls App was born. From a simple exercise to build a fun and entertaining “selfie app” to a world class marketplace for commissioned artwork inspired by selfies. Download the app for inspiration and read the case study to see what can happen when exceptional design and development come together around a truly unique idea.



We love projects that make us laugh, which is why we’ve embraced the challenge of making the world’s #1 fart app relevant again. The iFart story is legend and APPEK can claim responsibility for giving it a “Second Wind.” With millions of downloads and International fame we took iFart from a has been to the deserved categoric leader once again.


Getting called upon to build a mindfulness app was true ecstasy. I mean who wouldn’t want to build something that promotes wellness and makes people happy? The challenge was that “mindfulness” is one of the fastest growing categories on IOS and there is a lot of crap in the space making all kinds of unsubstantiated promises. Bring on Beditations. The app has achieved a near perfect IOS app store ratings and was recently selected by Apple’s editorial team for feature within the meditation category. Not bad for simply wanting to make people chillax a bit and smile more. #gratitude



We love building e-commerce apps, especially when it promotes shopping local! ReferLocal approached APPEK with the challenge of making an app that was relevant no matter where the ReferLocal user logged in to the app. We supplied ReferLocal with the latest and greatest in geo-location, geo-fencing, and A/B testing. The end result is an award winning app that has generated millions of dollars in revenue, tons of downloads, and press mentions from over 100 publications and news outlets from Vermont to Florida to San Francisco.


GiveGab connects people who want to change the world with organizations that are already changing it. As a funded start-up with an ambitious plan to make a difference in the world GiveGab challenged APPEK to build fast and iterate quickly so that it was able to quickly scale its business and generate more investment capital. The end result is a company that is truly helping to make a difference in this world.