Truly unique and beneficial to the most important parts of your day – just before and after sleep – Beditations is one of Apple’s top-rated guided mediation apps to relax you into a slumber and gently wake you.


Before you go to sleep, the mediation app slows the thought process, which helps revitalize the body and mind. For the morning, Beditations has a built-in alarm clock that you set to your preferred time. The app will then wake you on a guided mediation, which in the morning is beneficial for structuring brainwaves that help keeps the mind and body refreshed for the day.

The Challenge


The client had an investor, but a relatively modest budget yet wanted an app that stood out and generated traction over time in the very competitive space of meditation apps. APPEK leveraged its experience to build a world class iOS app at a reasonable price that delivered big time on design and usability. In particular, APPEK noticed that most of the leading meditation and mindfulness apps were overly complex. This resulted in APPEK focusing its energy on making the daily meditation app easy to use and intuitive.

The Solution


The APPEK team storyboarded out a clean UI for selecting meditations. The mindful mediation app was built with calming in mind – the total opposite of most apps – and features an incredible ambient nighttime notification screen. Besides this, APPEK implemented a stylish help screen to guide the user. All of these use smooth, matching animations.

The Results


Beditations is currently featured in the App Store’s Meditation section, and has a near-perfect score. The delivered product has surpassed the owner’s expectations, and has been downloaded nearly 50,000 times.