Brand loyalty is a powerful thing, and once a consumer becomes loyal to a brand it is very difficult to change their mind. When two brands that command a lot of brand loyalty enter the same market then a lot of debate arises. Some examples include Coke vs Pepsi, Ford vs Chevy, UPS vs FedEx, and now Google vs Apple. Google and Apple both operate in the mobile electronic device market, and their loyal supporters frequently argue over which brand is better. Apple fans argue that Apple’s IPhone and iOS app development are superior, while Google supporters argue that Google’s Android products do not only perform better, but also provide a better value. One of the biggest features of each company’s devices is their individual app stores. Both of the companies’ devices would be a shell of their current glory without their respective app stores. The app store is a key part of a mobile device, and plays a big role and how the device is used and operated. So, which company supplies the better app store for their devices?

Engagements And Downloads

When it comes to actually downloading and using apps, which app store reigns supreme? Studies show that Apple users are more likely to take advantage of their app store and purchase apps for their Apple device. One of the biggest reasons for this is the type of users that each device has. Android users typically have lower incomes than Apple users, and typically are much more careful about what they spend their money on. In fact, one of the biggest reasons that Android users do not use Apple products is due to Apple’s high price tags. Since Apple users are typically paying more for their phone and usually have larger incomes, then they are much more likely to spend a little extra cash downloading apps so that they can get the most out their device. This is great news for those who specialize in ios app development, as those users are more likely to purchase their app.

Available Apps

One of the most important features when comparing the two app stores is the number of available apps on each individual store. When Apple first launched their app store it quickly skyrocketed to the number one app store in the world. None of its rivals could challenge it. Steve Jobs himself even said “It’s going to be very hard for others to catch up.” Unfortunately for Apple, this market dominance did not last for long. Google entered the market with their Google Play store soon after. It didn’t take long for the Google Play Store to catch up and even surpass Apple in many aspects. Recently, Google Play has surpassed Apple’s App Store in the number of apps on the market and the number of developers creating apps for the market. However, as mentioned before, the Apple App Store still generates more revenue since its consumers are more likely to purchase apps. How is this possible if there are more apps on the Google Play market? Many of the apps on the Google Play Store are free to download and are not as high quality as their Apple App Store counterparts. The debate between which store has better apps simply boils down to the age-old debate between quality vs quantity. The average Apple App Store app is more expensive but typically is much higher quality, while the Google Play Store offers a much wider variety of free apps and a more diverse portfolio of app development companies generating them.

App Development

When it comes to app development and developers’ opinions, there is a clear preference between the two app stores. As mentioned before, Apple’s App Store is known for its high quality apps, making it very likely that an unknown recently developed app could be rejected. Apps trying to enter the Apple App Store have to enter a long vigorous approval process and may not even make it through. Although this improves the quality of apps on the Apple App Store by ensuring that low quality apps are weeded out, it also makes it difficult for new app developers to land their apps on the Apple App Store. In contrast, apps on the Google Play store do not have to go through that long of an approval process, and have a very low chance of being rejected. This allows developers to release experimental builds on the Google Play store with little fear of being rejected. This is very valuable for new app developers as it allows them to gain valuable experience in the world of app development. In addition, the initial cost of registration for a new app is much lower on the Google Play store than it is on The Apple App Store, making new developers lean toward Google even more.


Careful thought and planning went into the interface of each app store, and each app store’s interface has their own advantages and disadvantages. The Apple App Store is typically described as sleek and easy to use, while the Google Play Store is typically described as simple yet very efficient. The Apple App store promotes higher rated applications in search results, making sure that users always see the highest quality apps for relevant searches. Apps with higher than four stars will always appear first, before the lower rated apps that appear in the search results. In contrast the Google Play Store offers a high tech algorithm to make it much easier for users to search for any app they want. In the end, both have quality interfaces and search results. Like most of the other features mentioned, the decision really comes down to personal preference. There is no real right or wrong answer when deciding between the two app stores. All of the information is laid out on the table, and now it is up to you to decide which style fits you best.