iOS App Development

APPEK Mobile Apps specializes in dynamic IOS App Development that garners millions of downloads and increases your ROI. We’ve created some of the Apple Store’s most celebrated apps over the past 5 years, from the wildly popular venture-backed French Girls App to one of the most downloaded apps of all-time iFart Mobile.

APPEK Mobile Apps also built the venture-backed IOS App “Special Guest App,” which was featured on Season 1 of Apple TV’s first original content “Planet of the Apps.” Special Guest was founded by APPEK CEO Kris Jones and actor / comedian Damon Wayans, Jr. Here’s a clip of Kris and Damon on APPLE TV:

We believe that apps should focus on three fundamental principles: solving a problem, providing striking design, and creating unforgettable user experiences. Apps are more than just a product; they should enrich users lives and provide solutions to everyday problems.

Whether it’s a passion project or discovering opportunities in the market to capitalize, we will work with your business from ideation to launch, developing an app that provides business and end-user solutions.

We are perfectionists and innovators. Work with an IOS app development firm that will turn your ideas into a profit.

Dynamic Visual Design

Honestly, we like to consider ourselves creatives as much as technical IOS developers. Primarily, we are in the business of building apps that disrupt the marketplace by transforming the way people view and interact with their devices. We pay attention to every microscopic detail from each the placement of each individual pixel to the inclusion of a table layout and how they provoke micro-interactions.

In today’s age, there’s no excuse for poor functionality, confusing UI, and static design. Think of how many great apps sit on the market that squandered a revolutionary idea with poor stylistic design and illiterate UI. Our apps conform to the Apple Store’s strict coding and design standards by keeping users in mind. A good app should not only solve a problem, but offer a welcoming and engaging experience upon the platform.

Sometimes simpler is better, which is why we build visually striking apps that elicit user responses and extend dwell time. With fluid design, continuity, and built out thematic structures, our apps are both highly functional and easy-to-use.


Once the wireframes are in place and we’ve consulted your team on its design, we begin the process of layering our UI elements atop your app. Through an iterative process, we continually test and implement new features that will elicit the greatest user responses. All design and UI elements also come in line with the principles of your brand to serve as a further extension of its affinity.

We’ve built functionality for every design element you can think of, whether it’s a location based Maps application, one-touch calling, or an auction platform for non-profit fundraising. With such a varied line of products, each IOS app is designed to be compatible and run smoothly across different devices.


Icons, logos, and color scheme may seem like minuscule details, but we believe that every design element should be created with a purpose in mind. That purpose should be to serve as an extension and part of your brand. Whether it’s an app that resembles a web application or an entirely new project, branding should be at the forefront of all stylistic decisions.

Apple Store Marketing

Getting your app developed is almost the easy part. Generating the PR before launch and getting it to align with Apple’s strict standards becomes very confusing and high barrier of entry for most DIY app developers. With a blend of paid and organic strategies, we can boost your app to the top of the Apple store charts and make your brand the next sensation.

We aren’t like the other IOS App Development companies that claim that do marketing – we, in fact, are part of a seasoned, award winning (Clutch 2016, 2017; US Search Awards 2016, 2017; Landy Awards 2016, 2017) digital marketing company (founded by the same founder as APPEK Mobile Apps)

Agile Design

At APPEK Mobile Apps, you don’t simply take your idea to an app developer for a simplified turnkey solution. Custom app building should be based on a team-oriented, iterative process that incorporates feedback from shareholders, creatives, and all organizational members from the marketing department to finance. Using agile design, our apps are built one single task at a time until the process is perfected and your app is positioned to acquire long-term success on the market place.

Why iOS?

Apple’s advanced hardware and IOS host a number of advantages for mobile business applications. In terms of the app builder, IOS offers an advanced language format, Swift, which allows advanced IOS development firms and newcomers easier entry into the Apple Store marketplace.

Together Apple and Android hold a market share of 99% of all smartphones worldwide. Iphone users currently outnumber Android users in major population centers across the world including, the United States, Canada, France, the United kingdom, and Australia.

Apple users also conduct more online shopping than Android users and interact with more content categories. Apple and its line of products are a premium brand, which means that Iphone and Apple product users tend to spend more on ecommerce and in-store app purchases than android users.

Consider these reasons to create your app over IOS:

  • Sophisticated hardware, including the Iphone’s TrueDepth cameras and AR functionality.
  • Little fragmentation making maintenance and updates easier to execute.
  • Secure operating systems.
  • Thorough app marketplace tests.
  • Simple and engaging interfaces with Swift.
  • The favored platform of app developers for new releases.
  • Cross-platform apps that work on Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone
  • 40% less lines of code on average

Cost to Develop an IOS App

Prices vary depending on whether you hire an in-house developer, outsource to a reputable mobile app development agency, or offshore development to India or the Ukraine. Like anything – you get what you pay for. Located an experienced developer to work for you full-time is not easy because IOS App Developers are in super high demand. IOS App Developers are also very expensive.

However, you are hire an experienced agency like APPEK Mobile Apps to build your app.

To make is super easy for you to get a sense of how much it might cost to build an IOS App (or Android, or Hybrid) check out the absolutely FREE APPEK Mobile App Calculator and e-mail yourself a FREE quote today.

IOS App Development Basics

At APPEK Mobile Apps, we have experience developing apps in both Objective-C and IOS’s new Swift programming language. Swift was designed to run faster and safer than its Objective-C format. Swift is an open source format that has been readily integrated into Xcode and can be used to code apps for all of Apple’s products.

App creators build apps for IOS over using its integrated development environment (IDE) Xcode, which features a convenient bundle of features including:

  • Graphical user-interface
  • Latest IOS SDK
  • Debugger
  • Storyboard files
  • Image, sound, and video files
  • Home screen icons
  • Metadata
  • Source-code editor

In terms of IOS’s basic architecture, most developers use Cocoa Touch, which is very similar to Android’s own software development kit (SDK). Cocoa Touch is essential Apple’s set of development tools that allow app development firms to create the basic infrastructure and framework of IOS apps. Cocoa Tools would generally be used to build out the app’s interface and other features, such as push notifications and touch-based inputs.

Advanced Functionality

At APPEK Mobile Apps, we write code in both high and low level design based on the custom requirements of the project. Whether designing a basic e-commerce app or a highly sophisticated image sharing app, we executive iterative design to ensure that our products are continually refined and suit the needs of the client.

Our app developers are ready to create highly advanced UI features that add layers of enjoyment and engagement to your UX. We’ve created apps that use object oriented programming and event-driven programming in combination to deliver a simplistic and superior UX design.

DIY app design is incredibly difficult and with IOS you could be missing out on a number of inutive and dynamic features for your dream app project:

  • Augmented reality
  • Networking
  • Machine learning technology

Invest in an app company with millions of downloads and tons of awards from reputable firms.

We make sure that every pixel is in its rightful place, creating crisp, clean, and functional designs. The results we produce for our clients always exceed expectations and exponentially increase brand awareness.


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