Stating that you need a centralized mobile app solution at your company is an understatement. According to a survey by Clutch, over 42% of small business owners have already invested in their own mobile app solution. Scale this to the enterprise level where you’ll be competing against established retailers and it becomes impossible to compete without a mobile solution in place.

Your workers communicate on the go and users find your business using mobile search. While we can preach for everyone to put down their phones and listen to us, why not create a mobile app that meets them on the platforms they interact with most? 

Slack, Google Suite, Trello, and Asana may be important enterprise tools to grow your business and manage employees, but how do we connect these all together? Not only is an enterprise mobile platform necessary for your customers, but also your internal workflow. 

The fact is that enterprise businesses must adapt or watch as the world changes. That’s why Appek got into the mobile app space and has been repeatedly recognized as one of top mobile application development companies in the US. While we’ve created fun apps like iFart and French Girls, we’ve also worked with top enterprise companies to come up with enterprise mobile application solutions that work for them. 

We recognize the challenges of creating a mobile app solution for enterprise clients. Between added layers of security, data encryption, and the need to scale, Appek has been able to create solutions that address these issues and add values to users, as well as the business’s themselves. To learn more, check out our approach. 

Developing a Mobile App Strategy 

Enterprise mobile apps are not simply one-and-done solutions. In fact, enterprise mobile apps can be defined as a centralized platform that connects all business needs. From CRM to sales, mobile apps must be integrated into existing legacy solutions that businesses already have in place.

That’s why we believe it’s important to create a detailed business plan that addresses all of these needs. We will present to you a mobile business strategy that best suits your business needs and addresses your existing legacy applications. We will also work with your business to create a budget and timeline that benefits you. 

The aim of our mobile apps are to improve your relationship with users and staff, while also extending your brand in the eyes of your audience. A well execute mobile app strategy should deliver a high return on investment and earn authority for your brand. 

Becoming Familiar with Business Needs

We understand the need for apps to align with business outcomes. This is all a part of our practice to constantly become more agile. This involves leveraging existing legacy applications and determining what purposes and functions can be improved upon. This all comes as part of a higher level IT push to align all products and improve their functionality, security, and network interconnevity. 

Understanding Users

Ask any UX professional and they’ll tell you the same thing: users come first. Commiting to a design thinking methodology, Appek practices empathy, ideation, and experimentation to deliver the best results for users. 

In order to better understand your users, Appek will work with your research team to conduct demographic and psychographic research using a variety of in-house tools. Furthermore, usability testing and focus groups will be implemented repeatedly during the beta stage to improve upon prototypes and deliver the best product for launch. The best way to understand users is to listen to them, which is why user testing is such an invaluable part of the enterprise mobile app development process. 

Moving Agile 

All of this comes as part of Appek’s mission to become more agile. Becoming agile doesn’t just mean reducing waste (that’s lean), it also means engaging stakeholders at every part of the development process, as well as your team, so that you are never in the dark. 

Becoming more agile means eliminating risks and uncertainties along the way to improve the efficiency of outcomes. Chances are you’ve worked with an app or software development company that dragged its feet along the development phase. What was expected to take two months took five and ran wildly over budget. Unfortunately, you’re the one who has to answer the stakeholders. 

It’s not enough to say that you follow agile methodology. It takes years of experience and a full staff to commit to an agile mindset. Even then, there are always ways to improve your process and become more agile. That’s why we state that we are always pushing to become more agile

With predictable costs and timelines, Appek promises to complete any given project according to the mobile app development plan. 

Building for Scale 

As mobile app usage and mobile consumption continues to swell, you must create apps that deliver high-fidelity user experiences and continual value throughout its life cycle. According to the latest app retention data, close to 24% of users will abandon an app after just one use. 

It’s not enough to build dazzling UX for first impressions, apps need to deliver consistent quality experiences that make them an essential part of everyday life. That’s why we’ve implemented automation and prototyping into our development process to help refine and update apps at scale. 

Apps should be built to handle a large user base from its launch. Think scale now, not later. This is how you avoid detrimental issues and massive refinement projects months or years down the road. 

The key here is balance. Apps need to be sophisticated enough to handle users at scale, but simple enough to refine and assemble whenever necessary. 

Mobile App Marketing 

In order to scale your products you must market them. The most difficult challenge that app developers face is not the lines of complex code, but actually getting people to notice their products. 

At Appek we’ll work with your marketing department to create mobile app marketing strategies pre- and post-launch to get users immediately on your app. At Appek, we leverage a partner digital marketing firm to execute digital app marketing strategies, including app store marketing campaigns, SEO visibility, influencer marketing, app install campaigns, and much more. In fact, our CEO Kristopher Jones is a digital marketing veteran who published the book on SEO. 

Mobile App Testing 

Finally, as part of our strategy to deliver a high return on your investment, Appek will employ split A/B testing, as well conversion optimization to improve your install rate.

App installs depend on a plethora of factors, from the psychology behind different color schemes to the very wording of your meta description. Using A/B testing to collect data, we can refine our marketing strategies and app design to earn you a profit. 

If you’re interested in developing a mobile app for your business or would like to learn more about enterprise app development, contact us today or stop in!