So you’re thinking about becoming an app developer–that’s great. Mobile apps are everywhere, and more of them are hitting the market daily. According to Statista, by 2020, it’s estimated that apps will generate a revenue of 188.9 billion dollars. With growth like this, it’s no wonder that app developers are in high demand.

How to Become an App Developer

We’ve already talked about why it’s important for businesses to not only maintain an active web presence, but to build a mobile app that is user-friendly. Apps have shown us that they are not just some fad. 

Customers are turning to apps more frequently to interact with companies, rather than using traditional websites. In 2015, mobile users spent 87% of their time in apps, compared to 13% spent browsing. Good apps are built by app developers, who hone their skills through education and practice. If you’re interested in a burgeoning career in app development, follow these simple steps.

  1. Start with the required education and training. To be a good developer, ideally you’ll want to have a background in software development and computer programming, understanding the fundamentals of computer programming. There are online courses available and even free tutorials that can teach you the ins and outs of app design and creation.
  2. Choose the platform you want to design for–whether that’s iOS or android, you’ll need to choose. Both have different design interfaces and requirements. Develop your skills in one area and then move onto another to make yourself more marketable.
  3. Master the 3 main areas–you’ll want to focus on mastering the fundamentals of app development. These include programming, user experience design, and business expertise. Programming is a focus obviously on various programming languages, effectively coding your app to work right. User experience focuses on the app interface, designing it to be user-friendly, delivering the services the user is looking for, whether that’s online ordering, or instant balance information.
  4. Practice your skills–like anything, the more you practice, the better you get. As you spend more time on app design fundamentals, you will learn to finesse your craft. Never stop learning more about the process, always notate what you’re doing and, most importantly, always test your app several times before formally rolling it out.

Behind every great app, like the French Girls App, Special Guest, Refer Local and Beditations, just to name a few, is a great team of app designers. Once you’ve obtained the necessary education and skills, start seeking internships at app development companies in your area. Internships are not only a great way to gain experience, they may even result in a job opportunity. 

Start planning for a career in this exciting, growing field today. Follow these easy steps to become an app developer at a great company.


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