Nowadays, we’re using our Smartphones for everything, from ordering coffee, scheduling a walk for our dog, or sending a birthday gift. You can send someone money or even donate to charity.      Has donating to charity been on your radar this year? These charity apps make will donating to charity a breeze.

Donate to Charity With a Few Taps

If you want to make charitable giving part of your regular activities, your smartphone can make it possible.With just a few clicks, you can support the charities that are most important to you. Set the amount and the frequency and the app will do the rest. Donation apps like these will have you feeling more generous in no time!


  • One Today


This app, available for both Apple and Android devices, allows you to donate a mere $1 per day to your choice of pre-selected charities. All charities are thoroughly vetted so you know they’re legitimate. It’s easy to share your donation with your social networks, and to set up matching gifts.


  • Charity Miles


Run, walk, or bike, all for charity. For each mile you exercise, corporations will donate to one of 30 pre-selected charities. Donating to your favorite charity has never been easier.


  • Amazon Smile


If you’re a Prime-a-holic, this is right for you. Buy from Amazon, and a portion of every purchase goes to a designated charity of your choosing. Easy. Just shop as you normally would. Instead of the normal amazon page, be sure you’re using Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of all eligible purchases. All prices and products are the same as they would be if you bought them at the usual Amazon address.

       4.) Donate A Photo

This free app makes charitable giving as easy as snapping a picture. For each photo you “donate” through the app, Johnson & Johnson makes a $1 donation toward the cause or charity of your choice. You can donate one photo per day, which works out to a pretty effortless $365 to charity each year.

Charitable Giving Done Right

Because you choose the charities you’d like to contribute to, you can ensure that you’re giving to reputable organizations. You can also set the amount and the frequence. If you’ve been planning to donate to charity, but you keep putting it off, these charity donation apps will let you do it quickly and easily, right from your smartphone.