1. a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

If you love to cook or just have an interest in using unique ingredients, you could be considered a foodie. Being a foodie goes way beyond loving to eat. Some could argue that being a foodie makes you an artist of sorts, a scientist in the kitchen, experimenting with all sorts of combinations. You might follow recipes to the letter, or create your own. 

When you’re a foodie, you’re seemingly always on a quest for the next unexpected ingredient or perfect recipe. Whether it’s red kuri squash, Brussels sprouts, or quail eggs, the hunt is always on for that ingredient to take your next recipe to the next level. Appek has compiled this list of must-have apps to help elevate your dining experience, both at home, and out.

#1 Tender

Just think of it as the Tinder of food. Like a recipe? Swipe right to save it. Not for you? Just swipe left. Use this handy app, free on Android or I-Phone to save any recipes that peak your interest.  You can even filter the results for your dietary needs–vegan, vegetarian, dessert and ingredient-specific categories.

#2 All Recipes Dinner Spinner

If planning dinner is a chore, this app is for you. You can browse recipes based on specific ingredients so you can cook based on what you’ve already got at home. You can also scan ingredients at your local grocery store and find corresponding recipes. If you’re really in a hurry, you can sort by cook time. And, if you’re really stumped, spin the wheel for a totally random suggestion.

#3 Kitchenbowl

This up-and-coming app brings fellow foodies together. Browse a list of step-by-step recipes that include pictures and even GIF’s. Share your recipes, or build a repository for your favorites. Kitchenbowl even offers seasonal recipe contests. Try your hand for a chance to win various prizes.

#4 ChefsFeed

Looking for the best restaurants around the country? Try Chefsfeed. This helpful app delivers restaurant recommendations from the nation’s top chefs. Find reviews of specific dishes across the U.S., Canada and the UK.

#5 Savored

Love to dine out but hate the price tag? Our friends at Groupon created this app, designed to save you money when you eat out. Easily discover new restaurants, make reservations, and earn a discount, anywhere from 10-40%. Try it now and to take your dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

#6 NoWait

If you are ready to go out to eat, but you hate the idea of waiting at forever for a table, NoWait is for you. Check current wait times and even virtually wait in line. Spend more time on the important stuff, like eating food.