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APPEK Mobile Apps is an Award Winning (Clutch 2015, 2016, 2017) Android App Development Company that has created some of the world’s most celebrated Android apps from the French Girls App to iFart.  APPEK Mobile Apps also built the venture-backed IOS App “Special Guest App,” which was featured on Season 1 of Apple TV’s first original content “Planet of the Apps.” Special Guest was founded by APPEK CEO Kris Jones and actor / comedian Damon Wayans, Jr. Here’s a clip of Kris and Damon on APPLE TV:

Considering over 90% of mobile usage is spent in apps, the Play Store market opens up a whole world of possibilities to extend your brand’s visibility and generate a new source of revenue. Whether it’s providing business solutions for your brand or turning a unique idea into a worldwide sensation, trust an Android app development firm who can get you there.

With a proven track record of success, APPEK Mobile Apps has been listed by and many other authorities as one of the best Android app developers in the United States. By focusing on mobile application development, our apps combine simple, intuitive function with detailed visual elements for an indelible user experience. We create apps under the direction of your brand’s vision to transform your ideas into a bustling revenue stream.


Android app development is very challenging for small firms for a number of reasons. For one, high device fragmentation makes creating cross-platform mobile apps incredibly difficult to perfect. Next, Android app developers must follow Play Store and brand guidelines that create significant barriers to entry. Finally, most apps fail to take off within the Play Store due to poor design and no marketing strategies in place.

At APPEK Mobile Apps, we believe that success should be defined by hitting the key performance metrics you set out. This involves extending profits, boosting our client’s ROI, and seeking out ways to scale your products through mobile application development.

APPEK Mobile Apps has a proven strategy in place that has given our client’s apps millions of downloads and national recognition. We employ a Rapid Application Development (RAD) strategy that focuses on client communication and iterative development to create the best apps for our client based on your feedback and usability testing.

Our process begins with traditional marketing research and competitive analysis to identify opportunities in the market for your app to grow and disrupt. Even if you don’t have a concrete idea in place, we will use our research to help you formulate and finalize ideas for story-mapping and development.

Once an idea and strategy is in place, we create wireframes and blueprints to lay out the foundation for UI skins. This part of the process focuses on story-mapping and defining user scenarios to curate UI skins and design elements that provoke micro-interactions and conversions.

Once the blueprints are in place, we continue this process of iterative development and constant team feedback to flesh out the rest of your product. From the macro-perspective, Android app development should focus on these key factors:

  • Dynamic visual design
  • Sound UI and technical foundations
  • Branding
  • Constant review and assessment
  • Refining update requirements
  • Focusing on the end user-experience

Finally, we assess each product design based on your team’s feedback, as well as user interviews, Play Store reviews, install data, review analytics, and simple, cut-and-dry profits.

Superior Technical Design

Writing apps for Android involves more complex language coding than it does for IOS. Beyond this, Android users typically don’t run the latest versions of Android’s OS, unlike iphone users, making maintenance even more difficult. That’s why Android mobile application development should focus first on creating seamless functionality and identifying update requirements to mitigate many of the issues that plague app design. Consider that 77% of users stop using an app 72 hours after install.

Working with the latest Android development kits, APPEK Mobile Apps designs apps that maintain functionality with each subsequent device update. Not only does this provide a great end-user experience, but it boost your app’s visibility by giving it better reviews over the Play Store.

Our technical functionality also focuses on increasing user dwell time within the app by creating interactive widgets and UI skins that keep users engaged. Some examples of user interactive elements we’ve created in the past include:

  • Cloud compatibility
  • Networking
  • Content providers
  • Notifications Receiver
  • Augmented Reality

Each app should be designed for the technical function of the device. As perfectionists, we test and design each app to conform to different API levels, screen sizes, and device specifications.

No test is too hard and no idea too small. Whether you’re an e-commerce store or medical producer, trust APPEK Mobile Apps for Android app development that will maintain its relevance and functionality over the Play Store.

Dynamic Visual Design

In today’s world, users expect apps with speed, seamless functionality, and crisp design. Perhaps the number one way to kill an app is to take away its great design. With such short attention spans and such high expectations, your app not only needs to conform to user expectations, but it must also impress through thoughtful and fluid design.

Navigation should be simple and inspire micro-interactions that are rewarding for users. The elements of your mobile application design should also be thoughtfully curated to adhere to your brand’s standards.

Dynamic animation brings software to life. From on boarding to payment, crisp, fluid design leads users to actions that drive revenue and keep users absorbed in the app.

Play Store Marketing

Sure, an app development company can deliver a finished product, but what will they do to make sure your app becomes a success? With PR strategies in place and connections to some of the best Android app developers in the market, APPEK Mobile Apps can ensure your app has initial success and visibility once it hits the Play Store.

Strategies for visibility include:

  • Adwords Install Ads
  • Referral Channels
  • Install links from the Google network
  • Optimized Play Store Badges for visibility
  • SEO optimized descriptions for click throughs

We also look to boost profitability by setting up in-app ads, if you choose to monetize through this strategy. Primarily, our PR strategy and app install campaigns focus on branding, as well as conventional advertising strategies, to achieve initial and sustained success.

Why Develop for Android?

With dominant market share in most African and Asian countries, the Play Store offers access to an untapped and robust marketing demographic that IOS doesn’t. In the battle for supremacy between IOS and Android, why only bite off one piece of the pie when you can develop a cross-platform app that gives you the whole thing.

In terms of Android App Development, Android provides access to a larger number of devices and the vast Google network!

Working with Android Studio and JavaScript also provides greater customization options than IOS and Swift. For example, push notifications are not only more persistent and organized on Android devices, but they also allow for greater customization.

The Play Store also conducts automated app tests, which give it less barriers to entering the market. In the end though, IOS and Android apps present different advantages, but why only provide an app for half of your customer base?

Listen, we’re not just here to create apps that serve a business function, we want to create apps that transform and aid people’s lives. With extensive team communication and usability tests, we identify opportunities to improve user satisfaction every time they open the app. Trust an award winning Android and IOS development company that helps good ideas become great mobile products.


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