Artificial Intelligence, also known as machine learning, continues to revolutionize technology. AI is benefitting more humans every day, helping with everyday tasks to make life easier. We’re finding it used in more and more ways, with AI apps appearing on smartphones around the globe. If you own an Android smartphone, you’ll want to check out these incredible AI apps.

Best AI Apps for Your Android Phone

Your Android smartphone already puts everything at your fingertips, from scheduling a ride, to ordering a pizza, to keeping you abreast of what’s on your calendar. If you don’t think there are any other possible ways your phone could make your life easier, you’d be wrong. There are a multitude of machine learning apps that can help you do more. Want a way to track all your files, or have a real human conversation without needing another human present? There’s an app that can help.

If you’re an app designer looking to develop an Android app, you might want to talk to an app design firm like Appek. We can help design the next big Android app that everyone will want to download.

In the meantime, check out these helpful Android apps and download them to your device now.

  • Elsa Speak–this app was designed for individuals who want to improve their English speaking ability. Elsa, or English Language Speech Assistant is one of the most popular apps for learning the English language. Users improve their pronunciation and knowledge of English within 4 weeks of starting with the app. Users will also benefit from daily progress reports.
  • Cortana–this is Microsoft’s version of Siri, a personal assistant for your phone that can help you perform a wide variety of tasks. Cortana can set up reminders for you, search for things online, and a bevy of other things.
  • Allo–this app has changed the way you can send text messages. Instead of having to type, Allo allows users to send texts using their voice. Easily express emotions using emoji, or even stickers. This makes for a safer, more efficient means of communicating quickly.
  • Faceapp–transform your images into beautiful, social media worthy photos with Faceapp. Give yourself an entirely new look with filters that change your hairstyle, smile, and even your gender!
  • Socratic–math is not everyone’s strong suit. Socratic is a handy Android app that helps with your math homework. Take a picture with your phone’s camera and the app gets to work, delivering solutions to help you solve the math problems, as well as explaining concepts to help build your overall mathematics skills.
  • Replika–one of the most popular and advanced Android apps on the market, Replika has been referred to as the best friend app. This highly intelligent app can have a conversation much like a human would, with the ability to learn preferences, leading to a friendship over time.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard–get the correct word to appear on your smartphone with this AI keyboard. In addition to autocorrect, users can change fonts, colors and designs easily.
  • Recent News–this AI news aggregator provides news based on your reading habits. Stay updated on the latest news and information on a variety of topics. Users can also bookmark articles to look at later.
  • Edison Assistant–know before you go. This app serves up information about your commute before you head out. It can suggest alternative routes and even help users remove contacts.















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